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greenback labs is a multi-dimensional growth platform. We use the combined powers of experience, capital and creativity to advance emerging ideas and businesses.


We pursue projects that make a positive impact and we work with entrepreneurs and companies that share our mission. See some of our favorite projects below.

Founded in 2014 by Lindsay LoBue. As a former Partner at Goldman Sachs Lindsay spent 20 years building businesses, navigating the financial markets, and educating people along the way. 

financial literacy.

Frustrated with the lack of simple, easy to understand financial content, greenback labs created content that is free of complex language, short and entertaining. We used various forms of media, such as games, videos and text so that there is something for everyone. 

Financial Literacy

ai and diversity.

Curious about the intersection of AI and diversity, greenback labs founded and led a research project to determine the role AI can have in advancing the careers of female professionals in finance. To learn more about this project, please contact us. 

AI and Diversity

emerging companies.

Recognizing that our experience can be leveraged, greenback labs has partnered with emerging companies to help them successfully navigate evolving markets and execute various business strategies. Contact us to learn more about partnering opportunities.

Emerging Businesses
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