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Callable is when an institution has the right to redeem, or take back, from investors their institution's stock or bonds at a specific price and on specific dates


Capital is another term for money 

Capital Markets

The Capital Markets is a general term used for the marketplace were stocks and bonds trade


Cheap is a term used when you believe an investment seems less expensive relative to other similar investments.  

Closed Position

Having a Closed Position means you no longer have an investment that can be affected by the market. Selling a stock you owned is a closed position.

Common Shareholder

A Common Shareholder is someone who owns common stock.


A corporate is a non-government institution that is engaged in some type of business.

Corporate Bond

A corporate bond is a specific type of bond where the institution issuing the bond and borrowing the money is a company. The company is responsible for paying you interest on the bonds as well as paying you back when the bond matures.


Coupon is the annual interest rate on a bond that is paid to bond holders.

Credit Rating

A Credit Rating is a grade given to a company that is suppose to indicate the financial health, or the creditworthiness, of a company. In other words, how likely will the institution will be able to pay its debts.


A Creditor is a person or company that is owed money.


Creditworthiness is a term used to describe an institution's ability to pay its debts.  The more likily, the higher the company's creditworthiness. The less likely, the lower the company's creditworthiness.   

Cumulative Preferred Stock

Cumulative preferred stock is a type of preferred stock that is entitled to all dividend payments, even if the company misses a scheduled payment. In other words, if a company doesn't pay a dividend, the company must keep track of all the dividends it missed, and pay them to cumulative preferred shareholders at a later date.

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