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Make a Market

When a trader "Makes a Market," he/she is giving you prices where he/she will both buy and sell a specific security. A $50 / $60 market means the trader will buy (bid) at $50 and sell (offer) at $60.

Market Maker

A Market Maker is a type of trader that provides prices where he/she is willing to both buy (bid) or sell (offer) a stock, bond or other investment.

Market Order

A Market Order is a type of order that instructs the trader to buy or sell a specific stock, bond or other financial instrument at the current market price.

Market Price

Market Value is the current price a stock or bond can be bought or sold.

Material Information

Material information is a type of information that could have a significant impact on the price of a stock. 

Maturity Date

Maturity Date is the date a bond expires and the bond Issuer has to pay the face value of the bond to bond holders.

Muni Bond

Muni Bond is an abbreviation for a municipal bond.

Municipal Bond

A Municipal Bond is a specific type of bond where the institution issuing the bond and borrowing the money is a municipality. The municipality is responsible for paying you the interest rate (or coupon) on the bonds as well as paying you back when the bond expires.


A Municipality is a local government at the state, city, town or district levels that govern their specific local area.

Mutual Fund

A Mutual Fund is a diversified fund whose shares do not trade on an exchange.l Fund is a diversified fund whose shares do not trade on an exchange.

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