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Day Order

A Day Order is a type of order that must be completed by the end of the trading day or it expires.  


Debt is when you owe someone money. A bond is a type of debt for an institution because it owes bondholders money.

Discount Bond

A Discount Bond is a bond where the amount of money you pay for a bond (Principal Amount) is the less than the amount of money you get back when the bond matures (Face Value).  A Discount Bond is said to trade "Below Par."


A Dividend is a portion of the company's profits that is given to shareholders.

Dow Jones Industrial Average

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, also called the Dow, is a stock index that contains 30, well-diversified, stable stocks. The performance of the index is suppose to represent the performance of the US stock market.


A downgrade is when an institution's credit rating is lowered, which usually happens when an institution is doing financially worse than it once was.

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