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NASDAQ is an electronic exchange where stocks and bonds are traded. It's common for stocks and bonds of many technology companies to trade on the NASDAQ.


NAV is the abbreviation for Net Asset Value

Net Asset Value 

Net Asset Value (or NAV) is the value of a fund. It's calculated by taking the value of the funds assets minus the funds' liabilities.

New Issue

A new issue is when an institutions sells a new bond for the first time.

New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

New York Stock Exchange is an exchange where stocks and bonds are traded. It's one of the most well known stock exchange in the world.  

NYSE America

NYSE America is a stock exchange where small to mid-size company stocks are traded.  

Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock

Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock is a type of preferred stock that is not entitled to any missed dividend payments. In other words, if a company doesn't pay a dividend, non-cumulative preferred shareholders won't get that missed dividend payment in the future.

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