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An Obligor is the institution or individual who owes money.  Another word for Obligor is Borrower.


An Offer is the price where a trader will sell a stock, bond or other financial instrument. Another word for offer is Ask.

One Sided Market

A One Sided Market is when a trader will only show you a buy OR sell price.  

Open Position

An Open Position means you have an investment that can be affected by the market. Owning a stock or short selling a bond are both open positions because the value of those investments will change based upon the market.


An Order is a set of instructions given by an investor to a trader to buy or sell a specific stock, bond or other financial instrument on his/her behalf, often with restrictions on price and timing.

Outperform the Market

Outperform the Market means your stock portfolio performed better than one of the major indices, such as the DJIA or S&P500.  Another way to say this is that you "Beat the Market."


Overvalued means the price of an investment is more than it's value or what it's worth.

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