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Secondary Market

The Secondary Market is the market where previously issued stock and bonds trades between investors.


A Security is a general term that means stocks and bonds, which trade in the capital markets.

Selling Short

Selling Short is a type of investing strategy.  Selling Short is when you sell a stock before buying it with the expectation of buying it later at a lower price.  


Semi-annually means every 6 months or every 1/2 year.


A Share is one unit of ownership in a company or fund.

Share Price

Share Price is the price of a stock.


A Shareholder is someone who owns a stock.

Short Covering

Short Covering is when you buy back a stock that you had shorted (sold first).

Short Position

A short position means that your investment benefits when prices go down.  Shorting a stock is a short position.   


A Specialist is a specific trader who is a member of a stock exchange and is a Market Maker for a designated stock. 


The spread is the difference between the price where a trader will buy (bid) and the price where a trader will sell (offer). The spread of a $50 (bid) / $60 (offer) market is $10.


A stock is an ownership interest in a company. When you buy a stock, you become an owner in the company.

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