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Taxes is money you have to pay the state and federal governments.

Tax Exempt

Tax-exempt means you are not required to pay taxes.


Taxable means you are required to pay taxes. 


A ticker is a unique set of letters that identifies a publicly traded stock or bond.

Tight Market

A Tight Market is when the price where a trader will buy a stock or bond is close to the price where the trader will sell a stock or bond.


Trading is the frequent buying and selling of stocks and bonds over a short period of time.

Trading Capital

The amount of money you are allowed to spend trading.

Trading Halt

Trading Halt is a temporary trading suspension of a stock usually because of impending news or extreme trading volatility in the stock. 


A transaction is the buying and/or selling of a stock or bond.

Treasury Bond

A Treasury bond is a specific type of bond where the institution issuing the bond and borrowing the money is the US Government. The US Government is responsible for paying you the interest rate (or coupon) on the bonds as well as paying you back when the bond expires.

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